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Q12K Pendulum Shearing Machine

Short Description:

· Sheet plate welded structure is adopted,with hydraulic transmission and accumulator return,typical of an easy operation,reliable performance and nice appearance,fitted with digital display system.

· There are signs for the adjustment of the blade clearance, and the adjustment is fast and quick.

· Equipped with light alignment setting and cutting stroke control device, the adjustment is convenient and fast.

· Rolling drag balls are assembled to reduce sheet scratches and frictional resistance.

· The position of the back gauge can be displayed digitally, with soft limit, one-way positioning gap prompt, and automatic shear counting function.

· The back gauge is equipped with an encoder, and with the digital display system, the position of the back gauge is displayed more accurately, and the cutting precision of the machine is further improved.

Product Detail

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Hydraulic system:

1. Hydraulic control system by BOSCH-REXROTH Germany or FIRST America.

2. Oil seals by America, Sunny.

3. Overload & overflow protection to ensure there is no leakage and protect hydraulic system, and the oil level can be read directly.

Servo motorized back gauge:

1.CNC Back gauge system with X axis by AC servo motor driven ball screw shafts and on linear bearings

2. Back gauge has well enough mechanical strength and rigidity with tank-type gauge structure.

3. High-precision ball screw and linear guide-way. Particular finger-stop design, enlarge the range of back gauge.

Electrical parts and protection device:

1. Schneider or Siemens Low-voltage apparatus. In accordance with international standards, reliable safety, long life,good

anti-interference ability, a radiation unit is fitted in electrical cabinet.

2. Protective fence and the safety interlock to ensure the operation safety. Have a movable single-hand pedal switch,easy to operate.

3. Light screen protection or Laser protection are optional.

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